The Tax Resolution Industry -- Index of 100 plus articles

History and Background of Tax Resolution Industry (click on link for story)

The following articles should give you a basic primer on the tax resolution industry ...but also help you distinguish from those who can help you and hurt you:

History and Overview of Tax Resolution

A History of the Tax Resolution Industry
How Tax Resolution Sausage is Made
Three Different Models of Tax Resolution
A Company with Good Intentions Goes Under
Web Traffic: Tax Resolution Companies
What is a Tax Resolution or Tax Relief Company? 
Key To the Tax Resolution Customer Experience

The Ascent of the Boiler Room:
Tax Resolution Companies as Scammers

Closers Running the Asylum

Sept 2015: High Fees, Bad Analysis: When Hiring a Tax Relief Company can be a Mistake
2012 : Legit Tax Representation vs. Boiler Rooms
Good Reasons for Complaints against Tax Resolution Firms
The Legal Case Against Cold Calling Tax Liens
Tax Resolution = Scam , Synonymous?
Making Sure your Tax Professional is Licensed
Examples of Bad Tax Resolution
Hiring a Salesperson for your Tax problem
How Could 3 out of 4 Tax Resolution Salespeople Be Wrong!?
Goofus and Gallant: Two Different Tax Consultants
Eight Reasons to Avoid Most Tax Resolution Companies
Tax Relief Companies Cause More Harm than Good?
Preventable Disasters: How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off
An Example of a Scandalous Tax Resolution Interview 
Fear Tactics in Tax Resolution Sales
Coast One Financial:  One Interview Proves Their Scary Lineage

Getting Relief/Refunds from Bad Companies

Getting Refunds from Tax Resolution Companies
Getting Refunds From Tax Res. - Part II

Marketplace for Tax Resolution and Representation

Is the Market for Tax Resolution: Over Saturated ?
Tax Resolution Saturation Continues: 2009 and onward
Tax Resolution Websites: Unoriginal Content
A Test: 5 questions to ask a Tax Resolution Consultant
How To Separate the Legit Tax Cos. from the Evil
Attorney Gen. Brown Warns About Tax Relief Companies
Tax Resolution Horror Show: the Plot of the Scary Movie
BBB Complaint Volume: How much is Bad?
Tax Resolution Company Saturation: 67 Companies Start Bet. 2009 - 2012
Fake IRS Letters to People With Tax Liens 
Tax Lien Mailers: An Overview of the Industry Practice
It's 2013: Is it A Post-Taxmasters World, Yet?
Internet Presence: What Tax Resolution Companies Have the Most Action?
Internet Traffic Update 2014
2014 Tax Resolution Marketplace:  Prices Now the Issue Not Getting Scammed 

Fees for Tax Representation

Explore all the fees associated with Tax Resolution. Make sure you don't overpay:

Fees Shouldn't be Based on What you Owe
What $4000 of Tax Resolution Should Buy You
Different Companies, Different Fees
What You Should Expect for your $ 
Fee Comparison: US Tax Shield vs. Washington Tax Services
More Fee Comparisons
Washington Tax Services - Examples of Fees $$ from 2011 cases 
A Review of Tax Representation Fees in 2012
In 2013: Still Huge Fee Differences for Tax Representation

Lists of Tax Resolution Firms

The List of 175  firms -- Continuously Updated
Ranking Tax Resolution Companies by Age
(Older List, June, 2009)
How Tax Resolution Business Evolved Regionally
New Trends in Tax Resolution: 2012 , Slow Down in Company Creation
Cleaning Up The Tax Resolution Co. List: Who's Going Bad?
How to Use Tax Resolution Blog to Research Companies
Colorado Tax Resolution Firms and Cold-Calling of Tax Liens

Omni Financial - Kings of EXTRA FEES
Cold Callling Tax Liens
Rocky Mountain Reopening Fees: Clear Creek Too...
Update on Cold Calling Tax Liens
The Legal Case Against Cold Calling Tax Liens
The Tragicomedy of Tax Resolution: Misinformation from Cold Callers
Beware of Cold Callers : Another Scary Tale

A Funeral of Tax Resolution Companies

Why do Tax Companies Close? Poor Customer Service

Daunting Stats: 19 out of 20 pre-2006 California Tax Resolution Companies are Dead

Big Tax Resolution Companies Almost Always Close...Who's Next?

American Tax Relief Shutdown
American Tax Relief: 1999 to 2010 - Analysis of their Court Case

United Tax Relief of Canoga Park, CA Closed

Roni Deutch R.I.P.

A Company with Good Intentions Goes Under

Preferred Tax Relief Closed 

Nationwide Tax Relief Closed 

JK Harris Files Chapter 7 and Dissolves

Finally: Taxmasters nailed with $195 million Judgement
Post-Mortem for Taxmasters: How You Can Avoid the Next Taxmasters

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