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The Inevitable: New Tax Resolution Companies Going Bad

Every two months we go through our list of New or Unrated Tax Resolution Companies and determine who should go on the Not Recommended List of Tax Resolution Companies and who needs to be moved to the Graveyard of Tax Resolution Companies

Commendably, many on the new list still rate between A plus and A minus at the Better Business Bureau. However, we needed to move a few new companies who now have C ratings or less to the Not Recommended list.

The bottom line is that if your customer service has gone down the tubes so early in your company's career, it really can't be a good sign. As our list of 145 companies shows that tax representation has become a very competitive field especially in the absence of the big horrible companies like Taxmasters and JK Harris.

You deserve the best:

  1. Clean and un-pressured analysis. You should speak with someone without pressure to hire. Your interview with a licensed tax professional or the representative of a licensed tax professional should be concise and your options of tax resolution made clear to you.
  2. A reasonable fee. Check out my list of appropriate fees: Fees for Tax Representation
  3. A case worthy of a tax professional. Here's a list of seven instances where a tax professional is mandatory or highly helpful: Sevens Reasons for Tax Representation

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