Washington Tax Services is a staff of licensed tax professionals with a focus on solving tax problems.

We represent clients on the most complex tax issues from IRS collection cases to audits. In our over 30 year history, our Enrolled Agents, Attorney, and experienced staff have amassed an institutional knowledge that we think is second to none.

If your problem is among the most common cases we see (listed below), we can help. Please call us at (888) 282-4697 to discuss how we can solve your tax problem.

Tax Problem Situations

IRS Collections

When you owe the IRS and are in "collections"

Unfiled Returns Assistance

When you haven't filed tax returns in a short or long while

Examination & Audit Support

When you're being audited by the state or federal government

Payroll Tax Resolution

Getting your business back on track with 941 payroll taxes

Penalty Abatement

Waiving IRS penalties

Accounting and Business Guidance

For businesses that need bookkeeping or "entity" analysis

Expat Tax Services

Living Abroad, Haven't Filed Taxes?


Figuring out where you stand with the IRS

State Tax Resolution

When you need experts to navigate tax schemes as unique as each of the 50 states
For over 30 years, WATAX has helped thousands of businesses and individuals get into tax compliance. Email us a description of your tax issue and we'll contact you, or call our tax compliance experts at 1-888-282-4697.
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