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The American Tax Relief Fiasco 1999 to 2010: An Analysis of the Court Papers

Recently, I spent a lot of time at the American Tax Relief receivership page which houses all of the court docs for the case which the Federal Trade Commission has against them. American Tax Relief's checkered career in tax resolution from 1999 to 2010 was ended by the FTC. Funny, but while I was reading the court docs -- I got a cellphone call from the

Tax Renegotiation Center at phone 971 220 1646. The robocall purported that they can help you

"reduce your tax debt in HALF or ELIMINATE your tax debt."

Keep this robocall in mind as I share some of the info from the American Tax Relief case here.

American Tax Relief (ATR)'s advertisements stated that they had "helped THOUSANDS reduce their tax debt." The FTC dug very deeply into ATR's records to see if they could back up this claim. They concluded that the American Tax Relief -- AT THE MOST -- reduced the tax liabilities of 1,698 over it's entire 10+ plus year existence. This company did about $82 million in revenues in the 8 years of records that the FTC investigated. If that is the case for every $50,000 the company took in - they reduced the debt for ONE CLIENT!

At the most - the FTC found that ATR had done 1,187 Offers-in Compromises and 511 penalty abatements (PA's). The FTC further commented to say that the PA reductions amounted in most cases to less money than the consumers had paid ATR.

Nonetheless, there are other tragic items in the court docs: like Alex Hahn blowing a couple of million trading stock options and other comic errors. Have a good read.

Which brings me back to TV advertising and the robocall I received today. So the tax renegotiation center claims that they can ELIMINATE the tax debt?!!! They better not get TOO BIG or the FTC MIGHT SHUT THEM DOWN FOR THAT CLAIM! The only way to eliminate tax debt is for it to EXPIRE or to file bankruptcy on it.


Every company that advertises on TV is now out of business and you can expect the same for the new advertisers....American Tax Relief, JK Harris, Roni Deutch and Taxmasters all now in the Graveyard of Tax Resolution.

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