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Hiring a Salesperson to Resolve Your Tax Problem -- What Really Happens

So, you watch late-night cable TV (like I sometimes do)...American Tax Relief or Nationwide Tax or JK Harris or Taxmasters airs a persuasive ad. Actors hold cards showing how much they saved by hiring the aforementioned company. $25,000 in taxes, $100,000 in taxes saved! The music is compelling. You are in a good frame of mind. You make the call to the company.

You are speaking to a "tax consultant." They are persuasive. They emphasize the urgency of you hiring them. Their fee is between $3,000 to $10,000.00.

You pay them. If you are in a levy situation, you might get some attention. After that? Your case disappears.

You call two months later. Your tax consultant is no longer with the company. Your case has been reassigned. You leave four messages on the voicemail of the new person.

Four months later, you get levied on your bank account. You get a hold of your new "representative." He will help you, but he needs to charge you another fee.

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