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Tax Relief Companies -- Cause More Harm than Good?

After reading this pretty solid piece of reporting on Taxmasters and "tax relief" companies -- "Tax Relief Companies Cause More Harm than Good", we have been reflecting on what the true value of tax representation is. The article pretty much nailed Taxmasters for neglecting their clients -- nothing new there -- but we were particularly shocked by one thing disclosed in the article:

"(Taxmasters) doesn't start work on your case UNTIL they are paid in FULL!?!!!!!"

In the article, it was disclosed that the upset client paid $4000 in four payments of $1000 BUT no work was done at all -- even after $3000 was paid!!! The client's wages were garnished and this is when he learned of their policy. This is a shocking disclosure to say the least and we wish it would put the final kibosh on Taxmasters -- but that may just take some more time as you can see HERE.


We at Washington Tax Services will ALWAYS start work for our clients ONCE something is paid. We owe it to people to at least 1. Post Power of Attorney 2. Call the IRS and research your record. 3. Make sure the collection's process has stopped. It is UNCONSCIONABLE to do anything but that.

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