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National Tax Relief AND Nationwide Tax Relief Both Closed?

Two companies: Nationwide Tax Relief, an offshoot of the also deceased American Tax Relief located in Los Angeles, CA; and National Tax Relief, Tustin, California, a company who advertised strongly on Sirius Radio -- both seem to be out of business. Nationwide Tax Relief website

We are getting calls from orphans from both of these companies. Both of these companies were "closer" based operations, where the emphasis was on MAKING THE SALE and not CUSTOMER SERVICE. The moral of the story is: having a tax resolution company TOO strongly based on sales and NOT customer service is NOT a long range plan for success.

Both of these companies had F rated records at the Better Business Bureau. As tax resolution shoppers become better and more discerning buyers of tax resolution services, let us hope that these F rated companies all go out of business.

* Our company also markets itself as National Tax Relief. We came up with the trade name, and the company in Tustin, CA essentially stole it from us. We still have a website -

You can find more companies on the "deceased" list here: Dead Tax Resolution Company List

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