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In the Aftermath of Taxmasters: How to Separate Tax Resolution Scams from Legit Representation

In the three decades I have worked in the tax resolution industry, I can't recall when our industry has had such bad press: Texas Court Nails Taxmasters With Taxmasters demise in addition to Roni Deutch and JK Harris's recent departures, the tax resolution industry is peaking on search engines and for the wrong reasons.

What did these three companies have in common which led to their eventual demise? Slick salesmen and really poor systems to serve their customers. The good news is they're gone - sparing future customers from grief. The bad news is there are still tax resolution predators out there -- with the same disregard for their clients.

Here's a few clues to avoid the predators:

1. A highly emotional sales pitch. Did you just get off the phone with a telemarketer who called you about your tax lien? Do you feel even worse now that you spoke to them? Did they just tell you that the sky is about to fall and you are going to get levied? All of this is usually a distortion. You don't need to be scared into hiring anyone to represent you on your tax issue. Your case should be dealt with soberly and evenhandedly by an experienced tax professional.

2. Repeated and excessive followup phone calls for your business. Did you get more than one phone call from the tax resolution salesperson that you spoke to originally? Are they calling you and calling you? Trust me you won't be getting this kind of followup after you pay their fee. Buyer beware.

3. Unrealistic outcomes to solve your tax case. Did the tax resolution salesperson - promise you an exact solution to solve your tax problem? Did they project an exact percentage of your savings thru Offer in Compromise? They're almost certainly wrong. Your tax professional should allude to several options to resolving your tax case. But he/she shouldn't commit to an exact solution. There are too many variables to be able to complete "future trip" an exact solution to solving your tax problem.

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