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Another one bites the...: United Tax Relief is closed

A little Southern California tax relief outfit called United Tax Relief closed according to a client of theirs. Phone calls to 1-800-224-7220 went to a permanent busy signal. Looks like another addition to the deceased list: Dead Tax Resolution Companies

This is too bad, again, to the people who paid them and were abandoned. According to the client, there was an Enrolled Agent named Stacy Carlucci who was on the Power of Attorney representing them. Unreachable.

The office in Canoga Park, California appears to have been opened in November of 2000. Surprisingly they are BBB accredited with an A minus rating -- BBB rating. Their website is here:

However, there still appears to a United Tax Relief in Jacksonville, Florida that is still open with this website: ALERT - SPRING 2013 - UNITED TAX RELIEF IN FLORIDA IS CLOSED TOO!!!

We really can't understand the lack of morals/ethics in someone that would completely abandon their paid clients. Even on a sinking ship one would feel the need to at least inform your clients of what was happening? Sad, to say, at the least.

Here are the companies that disappeared in 2011 (reflecting the tenuous nature of the tax resolution business):

Nationwide Tax Relief, Los Angeles, CA
Advantage Tax Resolution, Bakersfield, CA
Roni Deutch, Sacramento, CA
Preferred Tax Relief, Los Angeles, CA
and now United Tax Relief, Canoga Park, CA

4 out of 5 of these companies were in the Los Angeles area -- amazing.

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