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BBB Complaints: Tax Resolution Companies...How Many is Bad? Why do they Get Them?

As veterans of the tax resolution industry, we have become a big believer in the Better Business Bureau as a neutral arbiter between the client and the company. The BBB tries to be fair to both the client and the company. In other words, the company can't get away with poor customer service AND the client (or someone who isn't a client) can't get away with graffiti-ing a company or maligning them without the company having a chance to answer back.

In 2012, we went thru our list of Tax Relief Companies to see where they stand with the BBB: The List of 166.

LOW to MEDIUM sales volume companies with HIGH complaint volume: NOT GOOD

36 month period -- Complaints: Problems with Product or Service (only)

Tax Network USA, Los Angeles - 67 complaints -- NOW CLOSED
Power Tax Relief, Los Angeles - 48 complaints NOW CLOSED
Titan Tax Relief, San Diego, 43 complaints NOW CLOSED
Clear Creek Tax Group, Colorado 28 complaints NOW CLOSED
Tax Incorporated, Los Angeles, 24 complaints NOW CLOSED
Tax Group Center
, San Diego, 11 complaints
Urgent Tax Care, Idaho, 11 complaints NOW CLOSED
Union Consulting, Colorado, 8 complaints
Pinnacle Tax Consultants, Los Angeles, 8 complaints

HIGH sales companies with LOW to MEDIUM complaint volume:

Tax Defense Partners, Los Angeles, 33 complaints
Tax Defense Network, Florida, 30 complaints
Blue Tax, Los Angeles, 16 complaints NOW CLOSED
2020 Tax, Colorado, 9 complaints
Omni, Colorado, 7 complaints

Washington Tax Services, our company? NO complaints in the last three years.

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