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Choosing a Tax Representation Firm: Failure Rates of Older Companies Below

We stumbled upon an old blog entry listing 47 tax relief companies from April 2011. It is interesting to peruse this list to see what national companies are still operating.

Reviewing the list, here's the most daunting stat: of the 47 companies, an estimated total of 20 "tax relief" or "tax resolution" companies were based in Southern California.

Of those 20 companies, only one of these companies remains: Tax Resolution Services (now Tax Defense Partners) in Encino, CA. That means 19 or 95% of the So Cal companies went under!

Furthermore only 16 companies nationally remain of the 47 in the original post. 31 folded.


1981 to 1989 and still open

1. Joe Mastriano, CPA, Houston, TX
2. Omni Financial, Colorado SEE LIST
3. Washington Tax Services, Seattle, WA -- this is our company or

1993 to 1998 and still open

4. ETaxes, Burlingame, CA (Bay area)
5. CK TAX, Bronson, MO
6. Tax Resolution Services, Encino, CA (Southern Cal) - the only So Cal firm STILL open bet. 1981 to 2006 - 19 others have gone out of business!
7. Ameritax, Novato, CA (Bay Area)
8. 2020 Tax Resolution, Colorado

2001 to 2006 and still open

10. Tax Defenders, Chicago, IL
11. Tax Tiger -- franchise in Northern Cal. (there are other franchises apparently).
12. Clear Creek Tax Consulting, Colorado SEE LIST13. Freedom Tax Relief, San Mateo, CA (Bay Area)
14. Instant Tax Solutions, Idaho
15. Colonial Tax Consultants, Colorado
16. Larson Financial, Colorado


These companies were open between 1993 and 1998 are now closed:

1. JK Harris, South Carolina - CLOSED IN 2011
2. 411 Tax Relief, Culver City (So Cal) CLOSED IN 2011
3. Roni Deutch, Sacramento, CLOSED IN 2011
4. Travellers Tax, LA, CA CLOSED IN 2005 (EST.)
5. Capitol Tax Relief , LA, CA - CLOSED IN 2004
6. Tax Relief Headquarters, LA, CA - CLOSED IN 2001

These companies were open between 1999 and 2000

7. American Tax Relief, LA, CA CLOSED IN 2010
8. United Tax Relief, Canoga Park, CA , (Southern Cal) CLOSED IN 2011

These companies were open between 2001 and 2006 are now closed:

9. Strategic Tax Resolutions, San Diego, CA CLOSED IN 2008
10. Effectur, North Carolina, CLOSED IN 2009
11. Tax Care Professionals, LA, CA, CLOSED IN 2009
12. Federal and State Tax Negotiators, Renton, WA CLOSED IN 2009.
13. Advantage Tax Resolution, L.A., CA , CLOSED IN 2010
14. Innovative Tax Relief, LA, CA CLOSED IN 2010
15. Citizen's Tax Relief, LA, CA, CLOSED IN 2010
16. Nationwide Tax Relief, LA, CA, CLOSED IN 2011
17. National Tax Relief, Tustin, CA, CLOSED IN 2010
18. Preferred Tax Relief, San Diego, CA, CLOSED IN 2011
19. Taxmasters, Houston, TX -- CLOSED IN 2012
20. Tax Incorporated, Los Angeles, CA CLOSED IN 2012
21. Professional Tax Care, Bev. Hills, CA CLOSED in 2011
22. Titan Tax Relief, San Diego CLOSED IN 2012
23. National Tax Corp, SF, CA CLOSED IN 2012
24. Associated Tax Resolution/Relief, LA, CA CLOSED IN 2011
25. Power Tax Relief, Los Angeles, CA -- F RATED CLOSED?

These companies opened between 2007 thru 2009 are now closed

26. New Century Tax/Union Consulting, Colorado CLOSED IN 2012

These companies opened in 2010 and are now closed (!)

27. Tax Network USA, LA, CA , CLOSED IN 2012
28. National Tax Solutions, SF, CA, CLOSED IN 2012
29. Ameripride Tax Group, LA, CA, CLOSED IN 2012

30. Tax Resolution Center, Colorado, closed in 2018

31. Urgent Tax Care, Idaho, closed in 2014

Here's the original list:

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