Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

According to an Enrolled.Agent who worked for their firm, Preferred Tax Relief in San Diego and/or Century City closed this week. Apparently, employees including the E.A. and Attorney were unpaid for a month's work. The owners have spoken of starting a new company: Advanced Solutions Group.

As I have been hearing from clients from Preferred, it looks like they were taking money from people right to the end. A client of theirs faxed to me their form 2848 - Power of Attorney. There were two people listed: Mike Hill ( who had no IRS CAF #) and "Preferred Tax Relief "-- which really shows how asinine the operation was -- YOU DON'T LIST A COMPANY ON THE POWER OF ATTORNEY ONLY TAX PROFESSIONALS ARE LISTED!

Another client indicated that this company was still charging their account even after the closure: which is ...criminal!

According to the employees who contacted me: the owners: Craig Raidor Dahl and Clint Santiago Dahl were looking to start a new company Advanced Solutions Group.

Their BBB record : BBB Preferred Tax Relief is piling up with complaints.

Apologies to the employees and customers of this firm. That is really a shame. If you are a customer of Preferred and want some guidance on what to do next: call us at 1-888-282-4697.

Add in Roni Deutch of Sacramento (whose business was closed/taken over by the State of California), Nationwide Tax Relief of L.A. and National Tax Relief of Orange County, and this makes four California companies in the tax resolution business dissolving in 2011.

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