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Updated - The Tax Resolution Companies with the Strongest Internet Presence

The Top 18 Tax Resolution Companies by Internet Presence

Here's our quarterly roundup of the strength of tax resolution companies on the internet using data. The top two: Tax Resolution Services and Joe Mastriano remain intact at the top. However a few new ones have climbed up the ladder like U.S. Tax Shield and yours truly: the Tax Problem Resolution Blog. A few others have dropped off the list (at the very bottom).

Company Location Website Alexa Ranking 12/2010 2/2012 9/2012 12/2012

1. Tax Resolution Services, Encino, CA 267k 391k 484k 549k
2. Joe Mastriano, CPA, Houston, TX x 652k 568k 748k
3. US Tax Shield, Encino, CA x 1.5mil 1.2mil 1.0mil
4. Freedom Tax Relief, CA OUT OF BUSINESS IN 2018 x 1.2mil 1.7mil 1.2 mil
5. Tax Tiger, Sacramento, CA Tax Tiger x 965k 781k 1.2mil
6. Guardian Tax Resolutions, San Diego, CA x 321k 718k 1.3mil
7. Limon Whitaker, CA COMPANY NOW CLOSED
8. Omni Financial , CO x 1.7mil 3.9mil 1.4mil
9. TAX PROBLEM RESOLUTION BLOG, Seattle, WA 1.8mil 2.4mil 1.9mil 1.5mil The blog you are reading now.
10. Alvin Brown, Washington, DC x 900,984 1.1mil 1.5mil
11. JG Tax Group, FL x 859k 1.3mil 1.7mil 1.5mil
12. Community Tax Relief, Chicago, IL x 529k 1.6mil 1.6mil
(Company relies on mailing largely -- maybe they tailed off a bit in volume).
13. 2020 Tax or who doesn't rely on their much improved website - they are active at contacting liens - going from 12.7mil 5.5mil 1.6mil
14. Tax Defense Network , Jacksonville, Florida Tax Defense Network has five primary websites (and maybe more):
a. x 2.7 mil 1.9mil 2.0mil Their homesite.
b. no data Their controversial list and comparison site. Guess who's ranked #1?
c. 3 mil
d. 22 mil.
e. 1.6 mil Their highest traffic settlement site.

Honorable Mention:
15. Mike Habib, EA x 1.2mil 1.9mil 2.1mil
16. Optima Tax Relief , CA NEW COMPANY x x 1.8mil
(This company has come out of nowhere - will they sustain the gains?).
17. Tax Resolution Institute, CA x 1.0mil 1.7mil 2.5mil
18. , CA x 1.1mil 2.5mil 2.8mil

The following companies have dropped precipitously in their rankings which means that they are either focused away from the internet or are truly declining:

NFA Tax Help, Houston, TX x 3.8mil 2.1mil 3.4mil
Ameristar Tax Centers, PA COMPANY NOW CLOSED


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