by Jay Freeborne , Enrolled Agent

The Top 18 Tax Resolution Companies by Internet Presence

Here's our quarterly roundup of the strength of tax resolution companies on the internet using data. The top two: Tax Resolution Services and Joe Mastriano remain intact at the top. However a few new ones have climbed up the ladder like U.S. Tax Shield and yours truly: the Tax Problem Resolution Blog. A few others have dropped off the list (at the very bottom).

Company Location Website Alexa Ranking 12/2010 2/2012 9/2012 12/2012

1. Tax Resolution Services, Encino, CA 267k 391k 484k 549k
2. Joe Mastriano, CPA, Houston, TX x 652k 568k 748k
3. US Tax Shield, Encino, CA x 1.5mil 1.2mil 1.0mil
4. Freedom Tax Relief, CA x 1.2mil 1.7mil 1.2 mil
5. Tax Tiger, Sacramento, CA Tax Tiger x 965k 781k 1.2mil
6. Guardian Tax Resolutions, San Diego, CA x 321k 718k 1.3mil
7. Limon Whitaker, CA COMPANY NOW CLOSED
8. Omni Financial , CO x 1.7mil 3.9mil 1.4mil
9. TAX PROBLEM RESOLUTION BLOG, Seattle, WA 1.8mil 2.4mil 1.9mil 1.5mil The blog you are reading now.
10. Alvin Brown, Washington, DC x 900,984 1.1mil 1.5mil
11. JG Tax Group, FL x 859k 1.3mil 1.7mil 1.5mil
12. Community Tax Relief, Chicago, IL x 529k 1.6mil 1.6mil
(Company relies on mailing largely -- maybe they tailed off a bit in volume).
13. 2020 Tax or who doesn't rely on their much improved website - they are active at contacting liens - going from 12.7mil 5.5mil 1.6mil
14. Tax Defense Network , Jacksonville, Florida Tax Defense Network has five primary websites (and maybe more):
a. x 2.7 mil 1.9mil 2.0mil Their homesite.
b. no data Their controversial list and comparison site. Guess who's ranked #1?
c. 3 mil
d. 22 mil.
e. 1.6 mil Their highest traffic settlement site.

Honorable Mention:
15. Mike Habib, EA x 1.2mil 1.9mil 2.1mil
16. Optima Tax Relief , CA NEW COMPANY x x 1.8mil
(This company has come out of nowhere - will they sustain the gains?).
17. Tax Resolution Institute, CA x 1.0mil 1.7mil 2.5mil
18. , CA x 1.1mil 2.5mil 2.8mil

The following companies have dropped precipitously in their rankings which means that they are either focused away from the internet or are truly declining:

NFA Tax Help, Houston, TX x 3.8mil 2.1mil 3.4mil
Ameristar Tax Centers, PA COMPANY NOW CLOSED


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