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What are “Tax Resolution” Companies Charging for Tax Representation These Days? Too much.

Just got off the phone with a lady in Maryland. She and her husband owe $50,000 to the IRS. Their case is with Automated Collection Systems -- a much easier division to deal with than if the case was assigned to a Revenue Officer.

They have already paid $3000 to the now defunct JK Harris to resolve their tax problem (JK Harris' new home: Graveyard of Tax Resolution Companies)

They called Tax Defenders and Chicago and paid them $950.00 to resolve this. Not a bad fee - except - after they did the initial research -- they are asking for ANOTHER $6900.00 to handle the case! Utterly ridiculous.

Tax Defense Network in Florida charged them $4500.00 to handle the case.

My company, Washington Tax Services, charged her $1375.00 in sympathy to the money she has already paid Tax Defenders and JK Harris.

Folks, if your case is in Automated Collection Systems -- which means you owe less than $100,000 in personal taxes -- you really don't need to pay anyone more than $2550.00 for representation as long as most of your tax returns are filed.

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