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Cold Calling Tax Liens: A ‘Mountain Time’ Phenomenon

Update in 2013: this tax lien calling is becoming epidemic. Read how to alleviate the annoyance: Tax Lien Calls Getting out of Control: How can you handle them?

If you recently had a Federal Tax lien filed against you for a balance due, odds are you may be receiving a call from one of a number of firms in the Colorado area:

  1. 2020 Tax Resolution
  2. Clear Creek Tax Consulting
  3. Omni Financial
  4. Berkshire Financial Partners
  5. New Century Tax Consulting
  6. Larson Financial
  7. The Core Consulting Group
  8. Phoenix Financial Group

All eight of these companies have varying skill sets and efficiencies as you will see on the list here. 2020, for example, is a well run company, but from there ...well... there are some issues.

Interesting, but about five years ago, there are many of us in this industry that gasped at the thought of people cold calling tax liens. It seemed desperate and, frankly, a pretty cheap way to get clients. But this practice is no longer a side practice, it's become fairly institutional at the above companies also described on the list here and has clearly become a central source of marketing for them. Some of the above companies have dozens of staff members now who spend all day dialing tax liens. If you owe 941 taxes (payroll taxes for a business) you have the highest chance of getting a call from one of these folks.

As we have described, we obviously dislike the practice of cold calling tax liens, as we feel that telemarketers who are unlicensed to practice often mislead the people on the phone. You are much better off talking directly to licensed tax professionals like ourselves.

A colleague/competitor of ours, Nicholas Hartney in Colorado, also has an excellent article which details the things to look for to avoid tax resolution scams in his state and elsewhere: 7 Simple Ways to Spot Tax Relief Scams.

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