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What you should expect for paying for Tax Representation? A Check-List.

Many of the folks who encounter the Tax Resolution Blog are shopping for a tax professional to sort out their tax problem. I wanted to outline here what you should expect for paying what may very well be a sizable fee. You can see my fee schedule - here -- Representation Fees


1. Research of your record with IRS -- Your new tax professional or a staff member should have immediately -- 24 to 48 hours (max) -- researched your account with the IRS for both your business (if necessary) and individual account -- determining what you owe, when the taxes are going to expire, what years you have NOT filed, and whether the tax returns were generated by the IRS or by yourself.

2. A Conversation with your Tax Professional -- After the record is researched, your tax professional should have a better understanding of your case's direction: where you stand in the collection process, whether you have returns that should be filed or NOT filed. He/she should call you to discuss what's next and what is required from you.

3. Power of Attorney filed in 48 hours -- Your new tax professional should have filed the Power of Attorney at the Centralized Authorization F. Unit of the IRS, notifying the IRS that you are being represented. If your case is handled in the field, your representative should have sent his/her Power of Attorney to the agent handling your case.

4. If Levy is in Place, Action

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