Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

In our nearly 30 years of operation, we are always competing with other tax resolution companies for business..but the contrast in the fees that we charge is often astounding! Dear reader: we are not making these up. These are true stories from recent calls.

1. Washington Tax Vs. Tax Defense Partners (formerly known as Tax Resolution Services) (Encino, CA) $2950.00 vs. $11000.00.

Physician with tax issues - $100,000 plus owed to IRS and State of California issue. Case was probably going to make it's way to a Revenue Officer. TDP's fee? $11,000.00! We agreed to do the case for $2950.00.

2. Washington Tax Vs. Tax Defense Partners (Encino, CA) $5500.00 vs. $18,000.00.

Business with 941 tax issues. Filed for Chapter 11 which will turn into Chapter 7. All three members of the company have been assessed Trust Fund tax liabilities which will require individual representation. Our fee $5500.00. TDP's? $18,000.00.

So, you might ask: well, Washington Tax Services might charge more down the road! Negative. We only charge reopening fees if they are warranted by customer delays or if the case passes 12 months and reworking need to be done.

Well, they might rebut: "you get what you pay for!" Not the case. Our customer service system is clearly in place - a well-oiled machine that you can depend on -- including direct access to a customer service person's desk.

For the record, TDP is NOT a scam. They have been business a long time and do serve customers. But their fees leave something to be desired.

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