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by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

From about 1999 until very recently, your biggest and most legitimate concern as a tax problem-help seeker was whether you would get Scammed or not. The good news is in today's much safer marketplace that is no longer the big concern it once was. The question in today's "tax relief" marketplace is what are you going to pay for tax resolution and representation? What is the fairest price by a company that meets all of the other good litmus tests: BBB rating, length of time in business, staffing, etc.

If you pore thru the Tax Problem Resolution Blog back to 2008, our big theme and warnings was - don't get scammed! Companies like Taxmasters, JK Harris and American Tax Relief set this terrible standard for customer service and abuse. And paying them to resolve your tax problem was a risky bet to say the least. Thanks to the FTC and various Attorney Generals around the country - these companies are gone as well as other bad eggs (with a just a handful left: Not recommended list.)

In today's marketplace - your focus should be not only be on quality but fees with clarity about how and when those fees are paid.

Here's a couple of fee issues to chew on:

1. Research fee first - other fees later if necessary. Some of us including watax.com are going to do our research first - $250 or thereabouts and then prescribe a representation fee or a tax preparation fee later if really necessary. We at watax.com don't do this unless we are really unsure about a case. For example: The client hasn't filed in a long time and there is nothing pressing from the IRS just yet). Others might do this research and analysis first for up to $1000 then charge $3000 or more (!) later after the research is done. We prefer to get the fees cleared up in the beginning. We don't want to charge an excessive fee - that might not be warranted after the research is done. But if we know what needs to be done we're going to charge a flat fee and not do a research fee - pay more later structure.

2. Flat fee covers everything. WATAX's fees are transparent as you can see here. Fees for Representation.

3. Justifying high fees over $2000 : Back in 2011 - we wrote : What you should get for $4000 in tax resolution fees. Check it out. Red Carpet Treatment is deserved and should be expected for high tax resolution fees.

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