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Fee Comparison: Washington Tax Vs. U.S. Tax Shield

Just got off the phone, with a potential customer who called US Tax Shield after listening to a radio ad of theirs. US Tax Shield of Encino/Los Angeles is listed as "new company" on my List of 155 They appear to have opened in November of 2009. Their BBB record is pretty spotless: BBB record They are in the same city as Tax Resolution Services (TRS) or . I would guess that an ex employee of TRS started the company? Nonetheless, US Tax Shield has made a substantial investment in their marketing on TV, internet and radio.

Case #1 -- The customer's tax issue: they owe $75,000 to the IRS. He is a dentist. His case is in collections again with the IRS and NOT "in the field," meaning that the Automated Collections Systems is handling his case via phone 1-800-829-7650.

U.S. Tax Shield's fee for representation: $7000.00

Washington Tax Service's fee: $2050.00, start to finish.

Update March 2013:

We are nearly finished with the above client's case. We are appealing his Offer in Compromise as the initial office rejected it. Fingers crossed. In retrospect -- if we truly knew our client's offer might require an "appeal," maybe we would have charged him $2700.00 for our help. But it is impossible to know in advance - how long a case might take. Nonetheless - we don't charge extra for appeals -- it is included in our original price and is stated clearly in our engagement letter.

Case #2 -- New case / fee comparison: March 19, 2014

We spoke with an individual who had called US Tax Shield (UTS). In their intiial call, UTS had done a conference call with the client with the IRS - of which it was determined that the client owed the IRS about $35,000 in old payroll taxes/civil penalties. The client had a levy on his current wages to collect the tax. Client was quoted a fee by UTS of $7000.00 to represent him and resolve the case. WATAX thought - at best - we could get him "uncollectible" status -- at the worst - we could get his levy reduced to a more reasonable payment plan - and who knows- maybe an Offer in Compromise. WATAX's fee? $1000.00

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Case #3 -- New case / fee comparison: June 6, 2014

We spoke with a business who owe $40,000 in 941/payroll taxes and was considering dissolution. The business had recently defaulted their installment agreement, BUT the owners had NOT been assessed the trust fund tax. Their payment plan was set up thru Automated Collection Systems and NOT by a local Revenue Officer. US TAX SHIELD did their analysis by examining the case as a potential "Offer in Compromise" case - whereas the company would "settle for less." WATAX didn't focus on the Offer in Compromise in our analysis - we focused, rather, on the possibility - that by dissolving the business - they might owe ZERO tax or at the very least - the "trust fund" of the tax which would be $18,000 we estimated. We didn't think an Offer was necessary due to the dissolution. US Tax Shield quoted the business a fee of $4200.00 to do an Offer in Compromise and represent them. WATAX's fee to help in the dissolution process with the goal of zero assessment ? $1500.00

Other examples of price comparisons : Price Difference Still Wide in 2013

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