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Searching for “Tax Relief Scam?”

We try to keep a measure on how people find our blog in the Sea of Google.

It's interesting to note that many people find this blog by entering another tax relief company's name with the word "scam." Now, you would think that people would have to have had A. a bad experience with the company, or B. feel like there was suspicious activity at the company, to get them to put those words into a search engine. Wouldn't you think so?

Here are the searches with the word "scam" that have come up the most often this year:

1. Progressive Tax Group "Scam" 74 people made this search. (COMPANY CLOSED IN 2012)
2. Guardian Tax Resolution "Scam" 43 people made this search.
3. Clear Creek Tax "Scam" 13 people *
4. 2020 Tax Resolution "Scam" 7 people

Now, the companies at the top of this list, Progressive and Guardian, are companies that WE are highly skeptical of. We have firsthand experiences of clients getting poor treatment from Progressive. Read our list here: The List Progressive Tax Group seems to have risen from the ashes of Innovative Tax Relief. Whatever Guardian's origins are, the company website here --Guardian's Web site -- fails to meet the most important litmus test: no licensed tax professionals are listed on their site. They mention them generically, but no tangible live professionals are on their staff. That is not a good sign.

2020 is a company that we have mentioned on our list here: Review of 150 Tax Resolution Cos. They have tangible tax professionals on staff and seem to be dedicated to good practices, albeit in a sales-dominated culture.

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