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The Tragicomedy of Tax Resolution: Cold Callers Have Few Boundaries

We have written on several occasions about the practice of cold calling tax liens. It might not be legal -- The Legal Case Against Cold Calling Tax Liens. The salespeople calling you have nothing holding them back: saying anything to close the deal -- A Colorado Phenomenon. Even if their case is already being handled by another tax professional -- they'll try to take the case over.

You might be called by one of these companies in Colorado:

1. Clear Creek Tax Consulting
2. Omni Financial
3. Berkshire Financial Partners
4. New Century Tax Consulting.
5. Larson Financial
6. The Core Consulting Group, Longmont, Colorado
7. Phoenix Financial Group
8. 2020 Tax Resolution
9. Union Tax Consulting (same as New Century?)
10. OFS Tax Resolution
11. SLS Financial Solutions, Loveland, Colorado

It's sad to say, but a client of ours recently decided to hire Clear Creek who cold-called them because they had a tax lien against them. This case which we have been working for months is now in the hands of the Department of Justice, therefore, tax representation has it limits...a criminal defense attorney must ALSO be appointed to the case. However, who knows what Clear Creek told these folks to take them off our hands.

In all honesty, Clear Creek spared us a very difficult case. How are they going to tell the client that they will need a criminal defense attorney on top of the NOW two tax resolution companies that they paid to represent them?

We are sad for the client. What a waste of money.

Folks, beware of the cold-callers -- they are often not looking out for your self-interest.

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