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Preying on People’s Fears with Tax Problems: Not Necessary

If you owe the IRS, your emotional level is heightened. You might be afraid. You are upset. You probably spend a lot of time thinking about it. All of the above makes you easy prey for a saleperson or telemarketer for tax resolution. They like to turn up the emotional intensity that you already have from a 6 to a 9...making themselves your savior: to fix everything.

This approach, however, is wrong, and abusive if you ask me. Why play with people's emotions?

A person with a tax problem needs a sober and calm analysis of their situation. Options need to be examined to fix the problem. And choices needs to be presented. Hiring a tax professional should be a choice. Not a mandate. Let the customer choose you. You don't need to strong arm them.

People should also be well aware: they CAN REPRESENT themselves before the IRS or the State. Hiring a tax professional is a luxury. But like any luxury, one should expect that that they will hit a home run with a tax professional OVER the single they might hit themselves or at the very least: have some one handle the case efficiently and competently, saving you time and hassle. That's it. Period.

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