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Goofus and Gallant: Two different ways of customer service in tax resolution industry

Highlights magazine, a children's publication, illustrates good behavior by using the example of two different boys: Goofus and Gallant: Goofus and Gallant Goofus, of course, is the boy that you don't want your child to model: he's impolite, dirty and nasty all around...Gallant, however, is the model boy: polite, caring, thoughtful.

I think the analogy of Goofus and Gallant can be extended to the tax resolution industry.


Goofus tax company has a High Turnover of employees: your case is being handled or mishandled by various employees. Many of the companies on this list are run this way: Not Recommended List

Gallant company has been in operation over 20 years and has a clear system of support staff with little turnover. That is the case with Washington Tax Services, our company, been in business for 23 years.


Goofus tax company is staffed by aggressive high charging sales people who are great on the phone BUT aren't available once the services is needed. Often someone with no emotional (or little financial) investment in your case will be handling the service side of your case.

The person who sold the case at Gallant Company is ALSO available to you for any necessary customer service as the case goes on. In many cases, as in at our company, your customer service person is ALSO licensed to practice: Enrolled Agent, CPA or Attorney.


Half of good tax resolution and representation is client management: particularly handling the deadlines of your client so that they AREN'T LEVIED. Yet also managing client's case so your contact with them is NOT PREMATURE. Premature contact to the IRS can result in deadlines that DON'T SERVE your client's best interest.

Goofus tax company let's levies manage their caseload rather than the reverse. Angry clients call in to get service once they've been levied.

Gallant tax company is HYPER VIGILANT about levies. Letting their clients know the levy cycle has reached it's end and that they are vulnerable when appropriate.

Even Gallant client's get levied -- it's impossible to avoid completely. But a Gallant company should do everything possible to prevent.

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