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Hiring a Tax Resolution Firm: Knowing their “Professionals”

If you are shopping for a tax resolution firm to represent you on your IRS or State tax matter, one of the key things you can do to protect yourself is very SIMPLE:

find out exactly who their tax professionals are:

1. Get their name.

2. Get their license -- Enrolled Agent, CPA or Attorney.

3. Get their CAF# Centralized Authorization Unit #.

Many of the tax resolution scams out there ALL share one thing in common: NONE of their tax professionals are listed on their website, and the salespeople only speak about their professionals generally -- they will NOT give their names.

Knowing who your tax professional is PROTECTS you in case your experience does go sour with them.

Please refer to my SURVEY of 83 tax resolution companies to know which companies give you access to their professionals or not: A SURVEY OF 83 TAX RESOLUTION COMPANIES

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