You’ve done your research,
now let’s solve your tax problem.

We are a staff of licensed tax professionals with a focus on solving tax problems, including:

IRS Collections

When you owe the IRS and are in "collections"

Unfiled Returns Assistance

When you haven't filed tax returns in a short or long while

Examination & Audit Support

When you're being audited by the state or federal government

Payroll Tax Resolution

Getting your business back on track with 941 payroll taxes

Penalty Abatement

Waiving IRS penalties

Accounting and Business Guidance

For businesses that need bookkeeping or "entity" analysis

Expat Tax Services

Living Abroad, Haven't Filed Taxes?


Figuring out where you stand with the IRS

State Tax Resolution

When you need experts to navigate tax schemes as unique as each of the 50 states
You can reach our tax experts directly by calling or emailing:
Jay Freeborne
Enrolled Agent and Tax Resolution and Compliance Expert
(866) 525-7302 or [email protected]
Marty Griffith
Tax Resolution and Compliance Expert
(866) 525-7324 or [email protected]
Stuart Bloomfield
Tax Resolution and Expat/Domestic Compliance Expert
(866) 510-4980 or [email protected]

Our Approach


Thorough Research

Your record is researched to determine where you stand with the IRS, what you owe, what years are unfiled, what years are necessary to file and to acquire documentation to do those returns.


Careful Monitoring

Your case is monitored by a licensed tax professional from beginning to completion. Calls are scheduled and deadlines are watched carefully to prevent you from being levied.


Professional Tax Filing

Our team of experienced licensed professionals will prepare your personal and/or business returns at a competitive fee.


Successful Resolution

Your case is worked to resolution whether it’s a payment plan and penalty abatement, Offer in Compromise, and/or uncollectible status. If we don’t reach the desired outcome, we’ll work to appeal the case at no extra charge.

Why We’re Different
We don't create false urgency for people to hire us.
If you're being levied, you can be the judge of your own urgency.
We want the most informed clients.
Our frequently updated website lifts the veil on tax issues and strives to educate folks on how to best address their concerns.
We don't cold call people with tax liens.
We also don't send mailings to people or businesses with tax liens, even though we used to.
Clients pay us a reasonable flat fee in full or over a short-period of time.
We are consistently told that our fees are the most reasonable in the tax resolution industry (!).
We're truly here to help.
If we don't think we can provide value to solving your tax problem, we'll give you free advice to handle the situation yourself.
We stand by our work.

We don't charge extra to appeal your case if the IRS or State rejects our original submission.
We're not a marketing program searching for a company to send leads to. All of the tax representation work comes out of one office.
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