Tax Relief Industry

The Tax Resolution Industry: The Oldest, The Newest Companies.

We think a case can be made that the OLDER the tax resolution company is, the BETTER. In this business, good customer service will make or break you over the long run. However, there are exceptions to this rule as you will see below. But most interesting perhaps about this list is the SURGE of tax resolution companies in the last couple of years: we think this is an unsustainable trend and also provides caution to people who might hire these new -- perhaps fly-by-night operations.

(We have two comments for companies that we have questions about: either "F rated" - the lowest ranking you can receive at the Better Business Bureau or SEE LIST...which means you might want to research them on our link here: A list of Tax Resolution Companies

When National Tax Firms Started...

1981 to 1989
Joe Mastriano, CPA, Houston, TX
Omni Financial, Colorado SEE LIST
Washington Tax Services, Seattle, WA -- this is our company.

1993 to 1998
ETaxes, Burlingame, CA
CK TAX, Bronson, MO
Tax Resolution Services - now - Tax Defense Partners, Encino, CA
JK Harris, South Carolina - CLOSED IN 2011
Ameritax, Novato, CA- CLOSED
2020 Tax Resolution, Colorado
411 Tax Relief, Culver City CLOSED IN 2011

2001 to 2006
Taxmasters, Houston, TX -- CLOSED IN 2012
Tax Defenders, Chicago, IL
Tax Tiger -- franchise in Northern Cal. (there are other franchises apparently).
Tax Incorporated, Los Angeles, CA CLOSED IN 2012
Professional Tax Care, Bev. Hills, CA CLOSED in 2011
Clear Creek Tax Consulting, Colorado SEE LIST
Freedom Tax Relief, San Mateo, CA CLOSED IN 2018
Instant Tax Solutions, Idaho
Colonial Tax Consultants, Colorado
Titan Tax Relief, San Diego CLOSED IN 2012
National Tax Corp, SF, CA CLOSED IN 2012
Larson Financial, Colorado
Associated Tax Resolution/Relief, LA, CA CLOSED IN 2011
Power Tax Relief, Los Angeles, CA -- F RATED CLOSED?
Tax Resolution Center, Colorado
Urgent Tax Care, Idaho CLOSED IN 2014 (?)

2007 to 2011
Progressive Tax Group, California --CLOSED IN 2012
Union Consulting, New Century Tax Consulting, Colorado CLOSED 2012
Professional Tax Resolution, Irvine, CA
Limon Whitaker & Morgan Tax Advisors CLOSED IN 2014
Nicholas Hartney, E.A./Patriot Tax Resolution, Colorado -
Front Range Tax Resolution, Colorado
NFA Tax Help, Houston, TX
Perfect Tax Relief, LA, CA SEE LIST
Tax Network of America, Mission Viejo, CA CLOSED IN 2012
True Tax Solutions, Pasadena, CA
Pinnacle Tax Advisors or Tax Solutions, LA, CA CLOSED IN 2012
National Tax Solutions, Florida CLOSED IN 2012
United Tax Group, Florida CLOSED IN 2012
Tax Group Center
, Calabasa, CA
Ameristar Tax Centers, Nationwide -- I think these guys are going for the big time -- that is, deep pockets for marketing like Taxmasters. CLOSED IN 2013
Tax Relief Foundation, Orange County, CA - CLOSED IN 2011(?)

U.S. Tax Shield, Encino, CA - PLEASE SEE COMPARISON INTERVIEW HERE: Big Price Differences: US Tax Shield vs. Washington Tax

U.S. Tax Liberty, location not clear CLOSED
Rocket Tax Relief, marketer for tax relief companies - CLOSED
Advocate Tax Relief, Illinois
Ideal Tax Solutions, Costa Mesa, CA
Tax Network USA, Los Angeles, CA CLOSED 2012
Coast 2 Coast Tax Relief, Agoura Hills, CA CLOSED 2013
Tax Help HQ, Los Angeles, Salt Lake, UT
Phoenix Tax Solutions, Houston, TX
National Tax, LA, CA (Not Nationwide Tax Relief, Not National Tax Relief -- those are both closed).
Tax Relief Services / US Tax Relief Services or / Tax Network USA, Los Angeles, CA, 2011
Nationwide Tax Group, Florida
OMG Tax, California
Front Street Tax Resolution, location unknown CLOSED
Summit Tax Relief, Thousand Oaks, CA


Tax Defense Network, Jacksonville, FL Claims to be open since 1997 -- but I dispute that their "tax" division has been open that long...I suspect their credit consolidation firm was started then.

Berkshire Financial, Colorado. Claims to be open since 1998 -- I really doubt this. But will stand corrected.

Tax Law Advocates, Costa Mesa, CA ...Claims to be open since 1990. Hmm. I am skeptical?

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