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Most Tax Resolution Firms Live in a “Post- Taxmasters, JK Harris -- World” --- Except for a Few

Every two weeks or so , I go thru the list of new tax resolution companies: New Tax Resolution Companies Since 2008 to see if companies are doing well or to be exact: keeping their Better Business Bureau records together. I am happy to report almost every company on the New company list rates an A plus to a B plus at the lowest as of this posting. In the past few months, I did move just a very few to the bad list who clearly had drawn too many complaints. But overall an important excellent trend is developing: companies are very conscious about their service and preventing unhappy clients and their clean and good BBB records are a reflection of that.

There are still however some hold-outs to this trend of good customer service in the tax resolution industry: and I think you will find them on the Not Recommended List of Tax Resolution Companies What you will find on this list above all -- is a pattern of salesmen...the inmates if you will...running the asylum. Closing the deal is what these companies are about -- NOT following thru on their promises of good customer service and the really hard work that is needed to produce results for people with tax problems.

I have in mind this week -- a national tax resolution company with offices all around the country (if you want to count shared offices - satellite type offices as real offices). Their corporate headquarters is in Virginia. They remind me of the JK Harris company of South Carolina who died two years ago -- small national sales offices to give off the vibe of being "local" and one big customer service office to handle the cases. However -- the Virginia company has even more gumption about the fees they charge. I fear that they are going to be the target of an Attorney General investigation some day soon or a class action lawsuit leaving their customers twisting in the wind in. Look 'em up and tread cautiously.

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