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Fees for Tax Representation Should NOT be based on what you OWE!

Just got off the phone with a gentleman in Georgia who owes $216,000 to the IRS based on the IRS filing for him. Like any individual who owes this kind of sum, he has been bombarded with mailings from tax resolution companies, as well as with "cold calls" due to the fact he has a tax lien against him.

These companies and their salespeople -- many who are described here -- A Survey of 175 Tax Resolution Companies -- have a tendency to see DOLLAR SIGNS when talking to a person who owes this kind of money. My potential client was quoted fees of $12,000 and $24,000 to handle his case!!! My fee? $1500.00 Granted, my fee did NOT include tax preparation for him, but really, the amount that you owe really shouldn't add to the workload of the company. Unscrupulous salespeople are just salivating at a huge potential commission.

As always, when it comes to the tax resolution industry, BUYER BEWARE.

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