December 13, 2014 by Jay Freeborne

Let's get down to the most important question for some: what do we charge for representation on your tax case?

Our base fee is $1,750.00, and we can add and subtract from that depending on your situation. This fee is a flat amount, and you should not expect to pay anything else as long as you follow our protocol.

IRS or State Collection Cases

  1. Individual back taxes representation, Form 1040
    Your case could be assigned to IRS Automated Collection Systems (ACS), Revenue Officer or not in collections (yet). Full representation, tax transcript research, monitoring of tax case and resolution of tax problem—start to finish—includes appeals. "Resolution" might include Offer in Compromise, Uncollectible Status, Payment Plan Negotiation and/or Penalty Abatement. (This list of letters might help you determine what status your IRS case is.) $850 to $4,000. 
  2. Payroll tax liability representation, Form 941/940 taxes 
    Full representation and resolution of tax problem whether your business is open, closed or soon to be closed. $1,050 to $5,500.
  3. Research of IRS tax record and analysis of tax problem 
    Need to know where you stand with the IRS? What's the bare minimum of tax returns you should file? What do you owe? When are your tax liabilities going to expire? How should you resolve your tax problem? $175 to $500.
  4. Penalty abatement
    Preparing an official request waiver of penalties and interest on your income or business taxes (includes appeals). $750 to $1550.
  5. State tax representation 
    We'll handle all contact with the State for you: releasing levies, negotiating Offer in Compromise if possible. $1,000 to $1,500. 

Audit or Examination Cases

  1. 1040 income tax audit representation 
    Full audit representation; you won't have to appear! Audits have many different stages as explained here. We can enter on your behalf at almost any stage but the earlier the better. $1,500 to $5,500.
  2. Appeal of audit or Audit Reconsideration 
    If we think your audit was screwed up or if you received a Notice of Deficiency (which officially closes the audit), we can appeal it for you. The appeal can be done by filing an Audit Reconsideration or Doubt as to Liability - Offer in Compromise$1,500 to $4,000.

Tax Preparation - Normal

Individual returns (including state filing) are generally $150 to $350 per year. If you were self-employed - you can expect the fees to be on the higher side.

Corporate and partnership returns are generally $750 per year depending on depreciation and other complexities. Client will provide Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets (or we arrange bookkeeping for another fee). 

Tax Preparation - Non-Filers of Many Years

If you are a "wage earner" and you haven't filed taxes in 7 years plus - we most likely would recommend filing ONLY your last 4 years of returns - we would charge $700 to $800 for these returns including the research and analysis while also getting your transcripts (W2s, etc.).

If any tax resolution/representation client cannot afford tax preparation in addition to tax representation fees, we will guide and assist that client at no extra charge to do his/her own tax returns, providing the wage and income docs and a template, etc.

If you do your research, our fees are almost always considered the most affordable. Check out this website, we're ranked #8 and the least expensive ($$$) of the Top Ten Tax Resolution companies: Top Ten Reviews.

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