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What Fees you can expect for Tax Representation: a Review of 2011 cases

As we review our tax cases from last year, we thought the general reader of the tax resolution blog would be interested in what people paid Washington Tax Services and what they got as a result of their investment with us.

Here are some completed cases with the fee that was paid:

Fee $1250.00 Michigan -- Hired us in March 2011, Uncollectible Status granted in June 2011

Client was successfully placed into uncollectible status on his $50,000 IRS debt. Taxpayer was aided in getting all of their returns done by our staff research team before uncollectible status was achieved. Furthermore, a levy on his bank account was released at the beginning of the case.

Fee $1275.00 Florida - Hired us in March 2011, Offer accepted November 2011

Taxpayer had Offer in Compromise accepted with the IRS on her $30,000 tax debt. Offer was $2808 to settle the debt. Client's record was also researched initially and client was protected collection activity during this time.

Fee $1500.00 Chicago, Illinois - Hired us in January 2011, Offer accepted December 2011

Taxpayer owed $350,000 to the IRS. IRS accepted $1000 Offer to settle this debt. We know this sounds fictitious. But it is really really true. Scout's honor.

Fee $12675.00 Washington State - Hired us in January 2011, still working the case

Taxpayer owed the IRS over one million dollars (!) based on returns that the IRS had prepared for them in the absence of returns they filed their own (Substitute for Returns). We stopped levies against their bank accounts and wages. We filed ten very complex1040 tax returns. We have successfully removed penalties on the debt, but are still working to get more penalties removed by APPEALING a rejected penalty abatement for a few years. Debt has been reduced to about $50,000 after the returns were filed and client down-paid some of the debt.

Need more examples? You can also refer to our general fee schedule here: Fees for Tax Representation -- Ballpark.

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