Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

If you stumbled upon the Tax Problem Resolution Blog today, you very likely have decided to have a tax professional represent you on your tax problem - but aren't sure WHOM you want to trust with the highly sensitive project of solving your tax problem. Well -- I think it is safe to say that with the demise of several really foul and corrupt Tax companies - like Taxmasters, JK Harris and American Tax Relief in 2010 - 2012 - for example - your chances of getting ripped off have really diminished. And that is a very good thing. However, you can still OVERPAY for tax representation. Let me illustrate:

Last week we found a very discerning buyer - who was just about to invest $5875.00 in the services of US Tax Shield based out of Encino, CA. Now - don't get us wrong - we think US Tax shield runs a decent shop. They invest in professionals and their customer service reps even research every new customer's record before they receive any retainer fee!

However, Washington Tax Services quoted the same customer $2200.00 to handle the identical case - including 4 unfiled Federal and State tax returns. That's a $3675.00 difference!

UPDATE: This morning - January 9, 2013 - we also spoke with an individual who was quoted a $6250 fee to handle his IRS problem by US Tax Shield - our fee was $2250.00.

You can find other price comparisons in a post from 2012: Price Comparison : Washington Tax vs. US Tax Shield

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