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Tax Problem Resolution Blog as Watchdog of Industry: A Review of Our Tracking of Tax Resolution Scams

We don't always toot our horn. But the Tax Problem Resolution Blog which is celebrating it's seventh year of existence is proud of some of the tax resolution scams we've alerted the public to in our history. In fact we have a nearly perfect record between 2009 to 2012 at predicting the demise of a few of these scams and we hope saved a few people from getting ripped off before the companies closed. In 2013 - we also were the first to report on the out-of-country IRS phone call scam - the post has now reached 261 comments: Beware of IRS Investigative Bureau Scam.

Taxmasters of Houston, Texas, who managed to squander a lot of folk's money before shutting down in 2012 was the subject of eleven articles in the Tax Problem Resolution Blog from 2009 to 2012:

We also warned the public about Roni Deutch who was later shut down by the CA Attorney General in 2011:

Both American Tax Relief & JK Harris closed in 2010 and 2011. We had been hammering you the Blog reader about them well before their demise:
American Tax Relief - Post-Mortem
Fare-the-well JK Harris!

The owners of Associated Tax Relief in L.A. got away with their scam - a little too small for the regulators. Lucky guys:

For an overview of avoiding being trapped by a poor tax resolution company - you can review these prevention minded pieces: Preventable Tax Resolution Disasters and Tax Relief Horror Stories.

We promise you, the Tax Problem Resolution Blog reader, to keep you informed at suspicious activity in the tax relief industry. Here in 2015 - we think the tax representation industry is much cleaner and more oriented to good customer service. We hope we played a small part in that.

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