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JK Harris in Financial Trouble?

JK Harris of South Carolina, with franchises around the country, might be in financial trouble. At least that is what is implied on this message board among lead buyers:
Lead Buyer Message Board

I have blogged about JK Harris numerous times before:

They have problems with the Texas AG:

As Roni Deutch's demise demonstrates -- Roni Deutch Shut Down , and American Tax Relief - American Tax Relief Shut Down , the High Volume game of tax resolution is rife with dangers. Buyer beware. Will JK Harris and Taxmasters follow in their footsteps? Remains to be seen.

What does it boil down to? Why do these companies with huge buckets of money for marketing potentially fail? Quality control. You can't train people in just a few days to behave ethically and know all of the nuances involved in tax resolution. Abuse and misinformation eventually catches up with you. Now that tax resolution companies are under the eye of both the media and law enforcement, you might not wish for too much success in this business.

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