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The Tax Masters and JK Harris Horror Shows -- another scary story.

Here's the potential client's simple issue:

he has prepared his 2009 return. He will be owing $20,000 to the IRS. He has never owed taxes before so is scared. He is not in collections yet. A pretty simple case with not very much earth-shattering urgency. The key is the guy is scared -- and scared people get ripped off by tax relief companies.

He probably won't qualify for an Offer, as he has assets and probably has disposable income.

The hick at Taxmaster's Houston office solution?

Have them represent him for a flat fee of $6500.00! They'll get him a settlement.

JK Harris' solution?

Have them represent him for a flat fee of $4000.00! They talk of a settlement also. Wow.

Remember: this guy is NOT in collections. And he probably won't get a settlement.

I offered to 1. check his return to see if it was done correctly; 2. deal with the collection process with the IRS and the State of California for a flat fee of $1000.00.

And believe me, I struggle a little with charging that much. Don't be scammed folks!

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