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JK Harris to File For Bankruptcy

Well, it happened: our oldest competitor in tax resolution, JK Harris, filed for bankruptcy to avoid being punished for their failure to fully pay a $1.2 million judgement against them to the Texas Attorney General: JK Harris to File for BK. It looks their bankruptcy is going to take the form of an asset purchase. According to the article, Taxmasters might be buying their assets using a code 363 of the bankruptcy law. But I think it is safe to say that this isn't a reorganization. But we'll see.


I never thought this day would come. They were the first tax resolution company to go big on television marketing. And perhaps the first tax resolution company to bank on a franchise system: with "offices" all around the country while the cases were handled in a central office in South Carolina. A year 2000 article in the Wall Street Journal mentioned an IRS investigation of them while also mentioning Washington Tax Services as their 2nd largest competitor. Boy, times have changed.

The big class action lawsuit and various problems with Attorney Generals really started to gnaw at their profitability. The judgement from the class action lawsuit was pretty heavy although not very generous to their disgruntled clients who received $69 a piece after lawyers were paid. Here's a list of the creditors as per the comment's section below:

As I said before, it was pretty difficult to run the JK Harris high volume model while having an F rating at the BBB and a class action lawsuit against them.

If Taxmasters buys JK Harris, it will be an F rated BBB company BBB record -- buying a F rated BBB company -- BBB record that's not the most attractive bride and groom -- the Addams Family redux?

I alluded to JK's financial trouble in previous blog entries HERE and HERE.

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