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Tax Resolution Ads on TV and Radio

I was listening to the baseball playoffs on ESPN radio last night and I heard an ad from a tax resolution company:

American Tax Relief claims that their company can reduce your debt up to 85% of what you owe the IRS. This is an interesting proposition. I wonder where they got the "85%" figure...Well, I'll tell you now: it is COMPLETELY ARBITRARY. They PULLED THE FIGURE out of nowhere!

The IRS could settle your debt for 99% less. I had a guy settle for $5000 on one million dollars owed. The percentage there? Less than 1% of what he owed. Bottom line: American Tax Relief is the worst. Read their complaints -- the worst. They were one of ten finalists for the PLUTO AWARD at the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau -- that means they had the most complaints!!!

Buyer beware, folks. The only thing that company is good at is MARKETING! And it appears that they are NOT very good at that -- you can SETTLE for less than 15% of what you owe!!

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