by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent
October 11, 2013

For several years and even into 2018, several clients and numerous other people around the country have been getting calls from people claiming to be the the IRS "Investigative Bureau" or using other names and aliases from 415-484-2132 and 415-484-8341 from San Francisco or 347-559-7963 in New York or many other phone numbers and area codes (see the comments section's below for many other phone #'s). These scammers often say that the IRS is going to file a "lawsuit" against you. Let's be very clear: the IRS would NEVER make a phone call in this way. They would send you a notice first by mail before taking any action.

The scammers also often indicate that they will take you to jail if you don't pay. Again - the IRS would never do that UNLESS you lost a long trial for tax evasion, for example.

They will try to get you to load money on a "pre-paid card" that you get a grocery store, etc.. In fact, we met a potential victim who had them on the phone while he drove around town with them giving him instructions to send them money by going to Safeway, etc.. He eventually figured out they were a scam, but it was a close call.

Almost universally, these phone calls come from people with strong accents (Middle Eastern sounding) with very Americanized names like "Daniel Robinson" for example. They threaten the callers to "pay" or "face imprisonment" and many other tales which you can also see below in the Comment's section.  

OCTOBER 2016 UPDATE: Great News: Dozens Arrested In India: IRS Scam

Our review of the tracking information of this page indicates to us that the Scam is perpetrated from Call Centers based in India (but maybe Pakistan or Jamaica, also). (Yes - the scammers visit this blog page! They frequently change the phone numbers of the scam after seeing the old numbers in the Comments section below)

Here's a client's pretty typical experience: 

"A Middle Eastern man claiming to be Daniel Robinson called me from 415-484-2132 and they told me they were the "IRS Investigative Bureau" -- they told me to call them back immediately at 415-484-2132 and ask for Kenneth Webster -- They said 'You must know that you are in serious delinquency and we will expect to have your case before the magistrate by Monday.'" (The "magistrate" is also an easy tip that the perpetrators of the scam are speakers "British" English - probably Indian folks. )

The IRS updates on the scam are HERE

Please post the phone # of your fake IRS scammer and their name in the COMMENTS thread BELOW to help prevent others from being victimized!

Good news: one man in scam was convicted in July 2015 Man Gets 14 years in prison for IRS scam.

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