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Yes, Yes, Another Taxmaster's Story: My new Nickname for them: "SALESMASTERS"

OK folks - hot off the presses. Here is the latest completely inaccurate thing that a representative of TaxMasters of Houston, TX told a potential customer.

This single Dad in Florida owes $200,000 to the IRS. He is just making ends meet. Naturally, he would be getting a big tax refund due to his dependents and Head of Household status -- about $7,000.00. However, when you owe money to the IRS, you are NOT getting a tax refund. Sorry. Even if you file an Offer in Compromise! (However, later, after the Offer is accepted, you will eventually get your tax refunds - but NOT the year in which you do an Offer.)

But not according to the rep at Taxmasters. He told the single dad to file an extension and he will get the refund after a settlement is achieved. This is entirely UNTRUE. It's just another fabrication to get the taxpayer to pay Taxmasters $4500.00! (My fee for this poor guy - $1200.00)

These Taxmasters guys are NOT masters of tax law. They are masters of SALES!

Hence, my new nickname for them: SALESMASTERS.

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