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Taxmasters CLOSING!?: $25 million in financing -- was an ... illusion

Looks like Taxmasters announcement of $25 million in financing was an illusion -- there is an unverifiable rumour that "all "salespeople" are laid off and the company is suspending operations in 2 weeks." We'll keep you posted.

It is becoming clearer THAT the $25 million of funding is merely a head fake from owner Patrick Cox to keep the dogs at bay. This Houston Texas tax resolution company has amassed a F rating at the Better Business Bureau as well as scrutiny from Attorney Generals around the country in it's decade of existence The rumour of closure was posted on the Houston business journal's comment's section: Houston Business Journal

A Mr. Schmidt said: "Today, Taxmasters fired all of their sales staff and told the rest of their employees that they are closing operations in 2 weeks. As I said before, this claim about getting $25 million was just another one of Pat Cox's many lies. At least this thief won't be stealing anyone else's money."

I'd hate to boast with so many employees and clients abandoned by Taxmasters, but if Taxmasters closes I am batting a 1000% on predicting the demise of big tax resolution companies in the last year. I predicted JK Harris's closure -- JK Harris closes while sensing Taxmaster's inevitable collapse as well -- Skeptical of $25 million financing by Taxmasters and Who's Next? What Big Tax Resolution Company will close?

Will Taxmasters join the Graveyard of Tax Resolution companies of which I have listed now 29 to date:Graveyard of Tax Resolution Companies? UPDATE: The answer to this question is YES .

From 2012 onward, here's hoping that any new entrants to the tax resolution marketplace -- focus on CUSTOMER SERVICE over greed and the quick buck.

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