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Roni Deutch Company in California - Too Big for their Britches?

As someone who has been competing with Roni Deutch for tax representation clients since 1997, I will say this: they are obviously not a fly-by-night organization. They make some attempt for legitimacy (albeit barely), maintaining a mediocre BBB record - Roni Deutch BBB record - California . The biggest problem with Deutch is their size and that their fees are on the high side.

Their size is a problem because you have "salespeople" on the front lines who don't know a lot about the nuances of tax law. I know this based on many experiences of talking to their ex-clients, but most concretely, from briefly interviewing an ex-employee of theirs. He was shocked when I told him that taxes are discharged in bankruptcy. "Really?!" He laughed and said "we never tell people taxes are dischargeable in bankruptcy." I have also seen incidences where clients Offers aren't filed correctly.

Nonetheless, they deserve some minor kudos for being around since the '90's (like us). But they still have 274 complaints at the BBB in the last three year cycle (see above). And, as I said, it is difficult to provide quality analysis and representation when you have TOO much volume. They will be getting more of that volume as I have seen new internet ads all over (including the New York Times!) Interestingly enough, I stumbled upon this story from the New York Times in 2006 when Googling "Deutch and NY Times" - Deutch settles with NY State Consumer Protection for 300k

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