Penalty Abatement

When you have a good argument for falling behind on taxes.

If all other avenues for settlement aren’t available to you (Offer in Compromise, etc.)  - It’s always worth trying to reduce penalties even if your story is weak. Since you only have one shot at making your case (plus an appeal), it’s wise to make the best possible request the first time.

Luckily your first request for penalty abatement wouldn’t be our first attempt.  In the past few decades, we’ve coordinated thousands of penalty abatements for our customers. If we don’t see an offer or similar resolution for you, we’ll always recommend a penalty abatement.

Based on this experience, we know that you can strengthen your penalty abatement case by…

  1. Filing and paying your most recent tax forms.
  2. Being sure that you’ve addressed your tax debt with a one-time payment or be in a payment plan . A payment can accompany your penalty abatement request, or be part of a payment plan that we establish for you.

Whether it’s a weak case, a strong case, one year of debt or eight, penalty abatement may be your only avenue for reducing tax debt.

We’ve gone into more detail with examples of penalty abatement at

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