Expat Tax Services

When you are living abroad and haven’t filed U.S. taxes.

If you are an American expat, you may very well have forgotten or not known of your obligation to file your annual US taxes. Not to mention your other obligations to file FBARS for foreign bank accounts which exceeded $10,000, FATCAS (with 1040s) for financial assets exceeding $200,000, or if you own your own corporation abroad, the crucial form 5471

The staff of WATAX understand that getting into expat tax compliance can be very intimidating. But don’t freak out, there’s a lot of avenues of relief:

  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) - The FEIE of 2022, excludes $112,000 of your income - a big chunk that won’t be taxed in the U.S.
  • Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) - If you are in the upper income bracket, north of the FEIE amounts above, you will also avoid double paying taxes in US with some limitations by using the FTC.

What about the penalties for late filing? 

1040s with no balances due won’t be penalized (if you have balances we can do a penalty waiver or try to get you a settlement!). But be aware, late FBARS and 5471s could incur penalties.

We have two approaches to late filing penalties for FBARS and 5471s:

  • Just do them! Most people who file the six years of FBARS usually get off scot-free from owing penalties if they indicate that they were “ignorant of the law.”


  • Streamline Filing Compliance. Filing late 5471s are notoriously ridden with big penalties (like five figure amounts $!) and due to this, the streamline procedure is the most prudent one. You will file six years of FBARS, three 1040s and three 5471s within this program. And in most instances, you will be free of penalties as long as you demonstrate no willful neglect and ignorance of the law.

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