Our History

Over 30 years ago, Washington Tax Services (WATAX) was created in 1989 to serve businesses and individuals with tax problems. Representing clients with tax liabilities to the IRS/State was our main focus: preventing levies, settling debts thru Offer in Compromise, negotiating livable payment agreements and penalty waivers.

Tax resolution has always been our core knowledge and from the get-go we have had a mission of educating consumers in the principles of tax resolution while also informing clients of the perils of the “tax relief” industry. For nearly 20 years, our blog, Tax Resolution Talk, is read by clients with tax problems and tax relief industry veterans. We are proud of its down-to-earth and deeply researched content. Thru the blog, we have touted licensed tax professionals like WATAX and conscientious competitors who are grounded in core ethical values, warning potential customers of tax relief scams.

Overtime, WATAX has evolved beyond tax resolution, adding multiple new skill-sets and staffing to serve non-filers, Expats, bookkeeping, and corporate/business tax consulting.

From our headquarters in Seattle, WATAX serves Americans all around the world get into US tax compliance, resolve their tax problems and assist their growing businesses. Our initial consultations are free! Email us a description of your tax issue or call 1-888-282-4697 and a tax compliance/resolution expert will engage with you.

Successful Offer in Compromise of $19,000 on $242,000 owed.

Through a dark time you were a beacon of light and helped me out so much!

Thanks so much!!!

Matt. H
“(...) this means far more to me than just the money.”

I was having a very crappy day at work and then I got home and saw this "release of federal tax lien" notice, it greatly brightened my day. I going to give them two weeks’ notice and leave this very stressful job. I already got another job lined up, pays less but gives me back control of my time. All my other debts are paid and this big millstone is off my neck.

This will allow me to finally complete my CCNA certification. I’ve been working on it for almost two years. Completed the first part, but because of the erratic demands on my time my present job requires I couldn’t go into a classroom/lab setting and complete the second part. Now I can make that change, thanks to your valuable assistance resolving my tax issues.

I just wanted you to know this means far more to me than just the money. Again, thank you Jay.

Lloyd D.
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