Washington Tax Services (WATAX) was founded in 1989 to help a hard-to-reach and often overlooked audience: people and businesses with tax problems. At that time and for lack of any better option, people with tax problems were inclined to have their local and often inexperienced accountants and/or attorneys represent them. WATAX was set up to help these clients while designing an efficient system to serve them in volumes. We also hoped, over time, to build an elite institutional knowledge that could only come with years of solving tax problems day-in day-out. Here in 2020, we think we have achieved that goal, and we'll put our institutional knowledge up against that of any tax professional.

In the realm of marketing, WATAX was also a pioneer at sending direct mail to people with tax liens. Direct mail was our primary form of marketing for a few decades. We won't lie: direct mail worked very well for us. By the late '90's, WATAX became one of the largest companies in the "tax resolution industry." The Wall Street Journal claimed we were the 2nd largest U.S. company in that category in the year 2000. But with success came imitators: many new companies tried to duplicate our marketing model - a model that left something to be desired.

By 2011, we decided to retire the direct mail program and focus on reaching clients exclusively through the internet. We posed a question: why not give people an abundance of information about solving tax problems? If people appreciated and respected our willingness to give them free information, maybe they'd inquire with us further. So far, so good. We're proud of our informative blogs: Tax Resolution Talk is considered to be the best "tax resolution industry" blog in the country; the 941 blog, a one-stop clearinghouse for businesses with payroll tax issues; and "Not Just an Offer in Compromise" Website: an unconventional review of the most popular method of tax resolution, the Offer in Compromise.

Today, thanks to the ease of communication via the internet and email, WATAX can help customers with tax problems who are anywhere in the U.S., overseas or right here in the Northwest. We're proud of our continuity. We hope that when someone looks at our 30 plus years at tax problem resolution they'll think we value our customers. We do.

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