Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

Its quite possible that you arrived to our blog on the hunt for tax relief. You may very well have been influenced by the dozens of advertisements for "tax relief" to start poking around for help. Could the jingles for tax relief that you hear about really ring true?

Is Tax Relief Possible?

Statistically about 40% of our customers qualified for an Offer in Compromise (OIC). So some people and particularly those that write the great reviews about us save a ton of money on what they owe the IRS. But notice that 60% of our clients do NOT get OIC's! What kind of value do we provide these folks? Some people get Currently Not Collectible, some folks get their IRS Record researched to determine a strategy to let their debts expire, others get livable Installment Agreements - paying the absolute least before debts expire while assisting on relief on Penalties, others we prepare tax returns for and others we represent on their Audits. But ultimately when hiring a tax professional, you are looking for...

Peace of Mind at a Reasonable Price.

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