Tax Relief Industry

A Survey of 155 Tax Relief Companies

Here is our ongoing attempt to make a complete list of every Tax Resolution or Tax Relief Company in the USA. We have categorized them into:

The Great
1. Companies that We Recommend Strongly- 3 companies

The Solid
2. Industry Stalwarts - Companies with Extensive Experience -- and Mostly Solid Reputations - 30 companies

New and/or Unrated
3. New or Unrated Companies - 2007-2023 -- Not Quite Sure Yet? 117 companies

4. Dead Tax Relief Companies - R.I.P. - 120 Companies

How do we reach our conclusions when rating tax resolution companies? Our research and analysis is based on a few things: first, what clients or potential clients share with us about their experiences of these companies, second, what their BBB listing tells us about the company and third, what we read on the internet about the company - discounting of course the nature of internet complaints. Naturally, we have a self-interest to portray Washington Tax Services, our company, as the best. But we truly try to resist this bias. When we find tax resolution companies that genuinely seem to serve people and provide value to them, we want to acknowledge them.

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