In our nearly 30 year history representing people with tax problems, the most frequent question we get from clients is: how do I get my tax lien removed?

Tax liens are filed by the IRS when a person or business has failed to pay back taxes owed. Tax liens are usually filed when the balance due is higher than $10,000. These liens migrate to your county courthouse and are recorded against any real estate that you might own. Tax liens complicate real estate transactions and employment. They're meant to be a headache, otherwise why would the IRS file them?

So, how do tax liens get removed?

  1. The tax liens expire.
    If you can run out the clock, taxes generally will expire ten years after they are assessed. There are a number of ways that the clock can extend past ten years: a) you file bankruptcy during the 10 years, b) you file an Offer in Compromise that's rejected, or c) the IRS has you sign a waiver extending the statute of limitations (not very common anymore). As soon as you contact Washington Tax Services, we research your record to find out the expiration dates of your tax debts!
  2. An Offer in Compromise is reached and the debt is settled.
    If you settle your debt with the IRS, the lien is removed 45 days after you pay your settlement. Would you like to learn how to qualify for a settlement? Read about our favorite tricks for doing Offer in Compromises.
  3. The tax debt is brought below $25,000.00.
    If you can pay your debt down under $25,000, the IRS will remove the lien after you also enter into an installment agreement on the remaining balance. We can set up your agreement and petition to waive penalties.
  4. You get the debt below $50,000 and enter an installment agreement.
    This streamline agreement is for people who have not had a tax lien filed against them yet. (If you already have a lien against you, you won't have it removed.)
  5. The tax debt is paid in full.
    Why of course :) The IRS lien desk sends a certificate of lien release generally 30 days after they are paid. If you paid a large sum to the IRS, we can help get your penalties refunded.

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