Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

If you have a tax problem taxes - owe taxes, need to file back taxes or need help removing a lien - you can seek the help of a "tax professional" or choose to represent yourself. In our 30 plus years of tax representation, we can say that tax professionals in our industry range from crude marketing outfits masquerading as legitimate companies to excellent and ethical professionals and sometimes in between.

When WATAX started in the "tax relief" business, we also dabbled in the "crude marketing" element as you can read in our history. We sent out letters to businesses and people who had tax liens which had a slightly shady element to it as it felt invasive to some customers. Today, businesses from Florida to Colorado telemarket to liens, which might be considered even more invasive(!). Over time and thanks to highly ethical people who joined our forces at WATAX, we eventually migrated out of the lien marketing business and became internet-based: providing free and thorough information to the public with the hope that some of you would go beyond being "lookie-loos" and hire us for our expertise.

For over 10 years, we have been compiling lists of companies in the tax relief business. We have a graveyard for dead tax relief companies which is now over 100 dead companies(!). Companies that we salute for extensive time in the business and unrated and new companies. Take a look at our lists and circle back to us if we win the beauty contest to solve your tax problem!

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