Not Recommended Tax Relief or Tax Resolution Companies with D to F Ratings at Better Business Bureau (or who deserve special inclusion). Investigate thoroughly before hiring these companies.

You've reached a list of Tax Relief or Tax Resolution Companies who have lacked in the customer service department. If you have already been ripped off by one of these companies: try our strategy for getting a refund here: Getting Money Back from Tax Relief Companies

1. Tax Group Center or Progressive Tax Group, offices in Calabasas, CA, (BBB record for Progressive in San Francisco), May 2008
( Innovative Tax Relief (California)) or Urgent Tax Care.)

Conversation between potential customer in TX with Tax Group Center (TGC) in the fall of 2016.

TGC: We think we can reduce your debt of 35k to about 10k thru an Offer in Compromise. Our fee is $3250.00.

Customer: But what if I have the assets to pay the debt?

TG: They can't see your assets.  

(Our staff offered this person to do  a penalty abatement request on their debt for a fee of $850 as they clearly wouldn't qualify for an Offer.)

It's hard to keep track of the web of tax relief companies associated with Tax Group Center and Progressive Tax Group, but we'll give it a try. In the 2000's, these folks had a company called "Innovative Tax" - whose BBB record eventually collapsed: BBB - Innovative and the trade name/company subsequently was dissolved. During that same time, they also marketed themselves under a trade name "Progressive Tax Group" which later also disappeared after accumulating a bad record at the BBB. But after being "closed" for a few years, Progressive has been advertising on radio again in 2016. Maybe now that their San Francisco BBB record is clear, they decided to use the name again? Or maybe due to the fact that Tax Group Center - their most recent trade name incarnation has had problems at the BBB recently: BBB Rating - Tax Group Center. Apparently, Tax Group Center lost their BBB accreditation. At one time - they had an adjunct company in Idaho - Urgent Tax Care - but this company seems to have disappeared - website down and BBB record gone.  Finally, they might also be associated with a Crest Tax Group site - which could be a lead generation site?

Update January 2014 -- We will quote a fellow tax professional verbatim who spoke with a Tax Group Center potential client -- "Thought I would relay this story to you regarding the Tax Group Center. Yesterday I was doing an initial consultation with a potential client who were interested in an Offer in Compromise. They owed the IRS $38,000. They had "disposable income" of about $3,000 per month, own a cottage on a lake in Northern Michigan with a FMV of $70,000 with no mortgage, and they have a IRA with a value of $100,000.  He was 62, she was 58. When I told them they did not qualify for an offer, they stated that they had been on the phone with Tax Group Center who told them that Tax Group Center would get them an Offer and that the fee was $5,000.00."

Update January 2016 -- A Progressive employee helpfully called the IRS collections with a customer even before collecting their fee. They got the IRS to give the customer a 60 day hold on collections if they would provide full payment by the 60 day date (this is a common tactic to get extensions with the IRS). No problem there. However, the "logic" behind this 60 day hold was that the customer was turning 60 years old in March 2016 and by pushing the IRS case into March they would avoid having the IRS levy her 401-K - which had $30,000? That was some bad logic as the IRS doesn't levy 401-k's ever. Furthermore - we felt that contacting the IRS with the client was pre-mature and might have put the customer in a far earlier deadline then was necessary. But kudos to Progressive for at least working for the client with no down payment.

A few year's back we documented some other interesting interviews conducted by these folks:  Misleading and Bad Interviews in Tax Resolution.

Down the road from Calabasas in San Diego, it appears that an ex-employee - perhaps(?) has started Coast One Financial Group which has been very actively marketing itself on radio and the internet. 

2. Global Resources, LLC, Chicago, IL 2011
We stumbled upon this company - and learned of their Door-to-Door sales to represent businesses with tax liens. Global Resources are clearly the pioneers of that bold marketing strategy. The story about the liens is here:Door-to-Door Tax Lien Encounters. We just can't endorse that style of marketing: invasive.

3. or Vincent W. Davis & Associates, 2014, Woodland Hills, CA
Nice website. Lots of licensed tax professionals on staff probably with lots of experience:  But from reading this BBB record: BBB record I am not sure if Vincent W. Davis and Associate's primary focus is tax law? We've seen better BBB records. :)

4.  Global Tax Services, Houston, TX, October 2011, TAX LIEN MAILER.
Global Tax has been mailing "Tax Lien" letters with the phone number 877-586-3613. Their website is here: - its looking pretty dormant?  They have eight complaints at the BBB recordYou can also read MORE about the Tax Lien Mailing Phenomenon -- HERE.

5. People's Tax Relief, Boca Raton, FL, June 2014
Hmm ... 22 complaints in 24 months at the BBB record just doesn't cut it. Their website is here: on Door-to-Door tax lien visits  Their D plus Rating at the BBB is here:  BBB record and that is why they are on this "Not-Recommended" list.

Sadly, the final way station for these companies is the Graveyard . Not recommended companies that are now deceased that were once on this list include: 1. JK Harris 2. Taxmasters. 3. Roni Deutch, 4. American Tax Relief 5. Associated Tax Relief 6. Nationwide Tax Relief and many others... Bottom-line: dishonesty is not a good long-term business practice.  

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