Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

The staff at WATAX learned a long time ago that researching the IRS record of our clients was an essential first step for any new tax resolution case. Why? Because our average customer is someone who either owes the IRS back taxes OR hasn't filed tax returns in three years or more (or...both).

Here are the questions that our IRS research answers:

1. When are our client's tax liabilities going to expire (this is also known as the Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED))?

2. Where does our client stand in the collection process? Are they assigned to a Revenue Officer? Or is their case in IRS collections? We don't want to surprised by a mysterious levy from the IRS.
3. What does are client owe the IRS and what years do they owe?
4. What tax years are un-filed?
5. What tax years does the IRS expect our client to file? What is the IRS looking for?
6. Did the IRS file any returns for the client or file SFR'S or (substitute for returns)? Would it be beneficial for our client to file the returns or should we let the returns stand as we plan to settle the debt anyway?
7. Having the IRS fax to us all of the pertinent "wage and income" documents for the tax years we plan to file.

In fact, if you are shopping for a tax professional and the "front-person" doesn't mention the significance of researching your IRS record, we think it is a warning sign. Researching your IRS is a time-saver for everyone and allows us to focus our energies appropriately for our clients.

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