Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

Like anyone who owes the IRS back taxes, your listening to the media has changed. You engage more attentively to the Radio and TV ads for tax relief companies. You give a second glance to the junkmail pile of tax lien letters that look suspiciously similar to IRS letters. You wonder if the tax lien callers on your cellphone or landline are legit. You get freaked out by IRS scam calls..."could they be true?" you wonder.

But who are these Tax Relief Companies and why are they so prevalent?

Tax relief companies essentially "sell" the representation know-how of an Enrolled Agent, Attorney or CPA to handle your tax problem. Many of these licensed tax professionals are in the "back-office" of a tax-relief company. Some tax professionals are more prominently positioned in the advertising.

Tax relief means reducing what you owe the IRS or a State agency. And many tax problem customers might benefit from an Offer in Compromise, Penalty abatement or another more nuanced handling of their tax problem case. Tax relief companies when run excellently can be provide this relief/reduction of your back taxes as well as the responsibility of all of the contact to the IRS or State for you.

Should I trust these Tax Relief companies?

A general rule of thumb for judging the legitimacy of the tax relief companies is the length of time they have been in a business. Ten years or longer, A or A plus rated, and "accredited" as indicated at the Better Business Bureau are three really good measures of a solid company.

Are Tax Relief Companies Expensive?

Yes! Even the legitimate ones. However, our company charges up to 90% less than many of these companies and is considered one of the most reasonably priced on the market. You can read more about fees: HERE

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